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OpenTravel Alliance Bylaws Amendment

January 27, 2017

OpenTravel Alliance - Bylaws Amendment
Today, January 27, 2017, the OpenTravel Board of Directors unanimously approved an Amendment the organization's Bylaws.
The Amendment encourages full participation on the Board of Directors without making material changes to the Board composition requirements as outlined in the Bylaws. The Amendment is by its very nature inclusive and facilitates complete engagement at the highest echelon of OpenTravel.
OpenTravel Bylaws Amendment 2017.01
[Added Following Section (b) of "Nomination and Election of Directors"]:
(i) In the absence of a full slate of nominees in any member class to complete a thirteen-person Board of Directors, then the Board of Directors can accept nominees from other member classes to complete the requisite number of directors.
(ii) Any director who fills a position open due to an underrepresented class shall be known as Board Member-at-Large.
(iii) No more than one representative from any member class shall serve as a Board Member-At-Large.
(iv) If more than two individuals are eligible for the Member-at-Large Board seat, then a special election shall be held to determine which nominee or nominees will fill the available seats. Following the member class vote, the vote shall go before the entire membership. Each member company gets one vote and nominees will fill the available seats in the order of votes received.
(v) Any director who fulfills an "At-Large" position shall serve until such time as the director's position can be filled by someone from the formerly underrepresented membership class or until the next election, whichever comes first.
To reference the OpenTravel Alliance Bylaws: OpenTravel Bylaws*
If you have any questions regarding the Amendment to the Bylaws or would like to volunteer with OpenTravel, please contact Executive Director, Matt Coffindaffer (mcoffindaffer@opentravel.org). 
Board of Directors Election
Thank you to those who offered nominees for the 2017 Board of Directors Election!
For 2017, elections will be required in two member-classes: Hotel members and Non-US members. Ballots will be distributed today via email. The Hotel member-class shall select three nominees from its pool and will be voted on by Hotel members only. The Non-US member Board seat will be voted on by the full OpenTravel Alliance membership, as outlined in the organization's Bylaws. Instructions for completion will accompany the ballots.
All ballots must be received by 12:00pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.